Jeep to Bring Six Special Edition Models to Moab Safari


For the past 50 years, Jeep enthusiasts have been gathering in Moab, Utah over Easter weekend to celebrate all things off-road. Since 2002, Jeep has presented over 40 special editions at the annual Moab Safari in Utah. This year, Jeep will be bringing six special editions.

“We head to Moab and the Easter Jeep Safari with six new vehicles we know Jeep enthusiasts will truly appreciate – including our first two new Jeep Cherokee models built specifically for this important event,” says Mike Manley, Jeep’s president and CEO, in a statement. “We look forward to putting these new Jeep vehicles in their proper environment and receiving important feedback from our most loyal customers at their favorite annual off-road gathering.”

The two Cherokee editions include the Dakar, which Jeep says is the “most extreme Cherokee ever,” and the Adventurer, which has a 48:1 crawl ratio, skid plates, and JPP rock rails.

Three Wrangler models will be coming to the Safari: the Maximum Performance, MOJO, and Level Red. Just as the name implies, the Wrangler Maximum Performance is designed for “enthusiasts who spend every spare minute on the trail and seek the ultimate in power and capability so they can go where others cannot.”

The sixth model will be the Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior, which sports 20-inch prototype cast aluminum wheels with All-Terrain tires. It also has JPP tow hooks, a prototype roof basket, and a 44:1 crawl ratio.

Have you ever ventured to Moab to participate in the Jeep Safari? Which special edition Jeep would you love to take with you on your next trip?

2014 Jeep Cherokee Honored with Rocky Mountain “SUV of the Year” Award


For us at Moore Chrysler Jeep, the Denver Auto Show kicked off to a great start with these words: “RMAP [Rocky Mountain Automotive Press association] is pleased to recognize the Jeep Cherokee at the 2014 Rocky Mountain ‘SUV of the Year.’”

The all-new Cherokee was awarded during the Denver Auto Show Charity Preview on April 8.

The redesigned SUV was crafted to redefine its segment. It delivers class-exclusive distinctions, like a standard nine-speed automatic transmission, and best-in-class features, including its class-leading towing made possible by the brand new 3.2-liter Pentastar V6 engine.

“The Rocky Mountain region challenges any vehicle to the maximum with high altitude and constantly changing weather conditions,” said Andre Smirnov, president of the Rocky Mountain Automotive Press and presenter of the award. “The 2014 Jeep Cherokee is equipped to handle this tough environment, while also offering comfort, utility, and efficiency.”

We couldn’t agree more. Have you tested out the all-new Jeep Cherokee over rugged terrain? We’d love to hear about your adventures!

Chrysler Hits Four Years of Sales Gains

While your bracket may have been losing in March, Chrysler was racking up the victories. In March, Chrysler hit a remarkable sales milestone by continuing its streak of consecutive months of sales gains. That streak now stands at 48 months—four solid years!

Achieving its best March since 2007, Chrysler reported sales of 193,915 units for the month, a 13 percent gain over last year.

The Jeep brand once again led the sales high and had its highest monthly U.S. sales ever, with 57,983 vehicles sold. Every Jeep model saw sales gains and the Jeep Grand Cherokee was the leader for the month. Chrysler sold 15,940 Grand Cherokees nationwide in March.


Also boosting Chrysler’s sales is the Ram brand, which rose 29 percent year-over-year. Ram also had its best March sales in a decade with 42,532 units sold.

Want to see all the Chrysler winners? Head on over to Moore Chrysler Jeep and get a new spring in your step with a brand new car.

Jeep Camp Makes its Debut at 2014 Atlanta International Auto Show

The 2014 Atlanta International Auto Show featured the debut of Camp Jeep, a unique off-road experience combined with multiple exhibits of some of Chrysler’s latest vehicles.

Auto show attendees are invited to experience a trail-rated test track with professional 4×4 drivers in the Jeep model of their choice, including the Cherokee, Wrangler Unlimited, and Grand Cherokee. The track features an all-new Trail Rated Pass obstacle as well as a 14-foot high, 35-degree Jeep Mountain.


2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

When not enjoying the off-road experience, onlookers can check out several Chrysler vehicles features at the show, including the award-winning 2014 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel with best-in-class 28 mpg fuel economy, the 2014 SRT Viper GTS rated at 640 horsepower, the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200, and other popular vehicles from Dodge and FIAT.

“After a tough Atlanta winter, Camp Jeep is just what the car doctor ordered for pure off-road fun,” said David Englen, Director, Southeast Business Center, Chrysler Group LLC. “Camp Jeep offers consumers a chance to experience the extreme off-road capabilities of Jeep vehicles and is guaranteed to thrill every Camp Jeep rider.”

Even if you’re not in attendance at the Atlanta Auto Show, you can still test drive the latest Jeep off-roaders at Moore Chrysler Jeep!

2015 Chrysler 200 Starts Production in Michigan


2015 Chrysler 200C at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show

Want to know how big a deal the 2015 Chrysler 200 is? Look no further than the way that Chrysler announced the start of production of the hotly anticipated new sedan. CEO Sergio Machionne was there, at the Sterling Heights Assembly Plant in Michigan, which has added 800 new workers to facilitate production of the new car.

“We’re making a big bet on its success. We’ve invested nearly a billion dollars in this facility,” Machionne said. It’s no wonder that Chrysler is going all in on this baby, either. The vehicle basically hugs the ground, with a beautifully aerodynamic arc from front grille to tail. Plus, it sports great numbers—maxing out at 295 horsepower and 35 mpg highway, an excellent blend of power and efficiency for this affordable and graceful new sedan.

Machionne made sure to give the credit for the 200’s production to the workers of Sterling Heights. “With all due respect to Bob Dylan and to the generous amount of money to air this commercial during the Super Bowl, it is the men and the women here at SHAP that are real stars.” Those men and women—and also the Chrysler 200, which we can’t wait to see here in our showroom at Moore Chrysler Jeep!

Fuel Saving Tips


High gas prices are here to stay. Do you even remember the last time gas was below $1 a gallon? For those born in 2000 or later, it hasn’t happened in their lifetime. But, just because gas is expensive, that doesn’t mean you need to sell your soul to pay for it. Here are a few simple fuel saving tips to help you save at the pump.

  • Keep calm. According to, the most effective way to increase your fuel efficiency is to not drive like a maniac. Moderate driving, as opposed to aggressive driving, can increase your efficiency by as much as 37 percent.
  • Combine errands. Instead of heading out three separate times in one day for errands, combine them into one trip. Try stopping at the grocery store on your way home from work instead of heading home first and going out again.
  • Don’t speed. Cars are optimized for aerodynamics at speeds around 55 mph. Driving the speed limit can give you a 14 percent boost in fuel economy. And, it will keep you from getting pulled over.
  • Ease up on the gas pedal. Popular Mechanics recommends driving like you’re riding a bike. For example, when you ride a bike up a hill, you inevitably lose speed and have to work hard to keep going. Your car has to work harder to go up the hill, too, so let yourself lose some speed. You’ll get it back on the other side of the hill.

Do you have any fuel saving tips to share? If you’re looking for a new, more fuel-efficient vehicle, head on down to Moore Chrysler Jeep and we’ll find the fuel-saving car of your dreams.

All-New 2015 Jeep Renegade: Bite-Size Proportions, Full-Size Capabilities

Normally, bite-size leaves you wanting more. Think about it: Portion control is great and all, but who really wants just a bite-size Snickers bar? However, when it comes to the all-new Jeep Renegade, engineers manage to pack all the capability you could want into the bite-size SUV.

“The all-new 2015 Jeep Renegade expands the brand’s product portfolio and targets the rapidly expanding small SUV segment around the globe with benchmark levels of efficiency and driving dynamics, while at the same time delivering best-in-class 4×4 capability that customers expect from Jeep,” said Mike Manley, Jeep Brand president and CEO.

“Renegade symbolizes the brand’s renowned American design, ingenuity and innovation, marking the Jeep brand’s first entry into the small SUV segment in more than 100 markets around the globe.”

As the brand’s first compact SUV, the 2015 Renegade already promises best-in-class 4×4 performance – we’d expect nothing less from a Jeep – the first nine-speed automatic transmission in its class, impressive fuel efficiency, and My Sky open-air roofing.

Suddenly, bite-size sounds like a pretty good deal. We at Moore Chrysler Jeep will still take the king-size Snickers, though.

Chrysler Group Tops YouTube AdBlitz Poll for Super Bowl Commercials

If you were tuned in to Super Bowl XLVIII on Feb. 2, you probably paid just as much attention to the commercials as you did to the game, if not more. As a result, YouTube’s annual AdBlitz Poll is a reliable gauge of consumers’ reactions to advertising campaigns launched with millions watching. For the fourth year in a row, Chrysler Group ranked number one in the poll among automotive ads debuted.

The commercial, titled “America’s Import,” features Bob Dylan doing what he does best – singing. This time, however, America’s famed musician also played the role of narrator. He spoke of America’s heritage and the vital role automobiles played in making the United States the nation it is today.

“And when it’s made here, it’s made with the one thing you can’t import from anywhere else. American … Pride.”

As the commercial flashes through iconic images and glimpses of the all-new 2015 Chrysler 200, Dylan waxes eloquent with lines like the one above that resonated with viewers long after the commercial, and the game, ended.

“America’s Import” ranked as the third most popular commercial overall.

For more information on the upcoming 2015 Chrysler 200, contact us here at Moore Chrysler Jeep. Rest assured, it will be 100 percent American imported.

Seven Chrysler Vehicles are “Most Loved” by America


Strategic Vision recently conducted a study on which vehicles were the “Most Loved in America,” and the results were fittingly released on Valentine’s Day. Even more fittingly, no less than seven Chrysler vehicles made it onto Strategic Vision’s list, each claiming the “Most Loved” status in their own segments. The winning Chrysler Group vehicles were: the Dodge Dart, Dodge Durango, Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Ram 1500, and the Ram 2500 and 3500 (both of which, together, claimed the prize in the Heavy Duty Pickup segment).

“Having seven Chrysler Group vehicles named as ‘Most Loved Vehicles in America’ by Strategic Vision is a terrific honor,” said Reid Bigland, Head of U.S. Sales for the Chrysler Group. “It’s meaningful to have our customers express their satisfaction and emotional attachment they have with our vehicles; that is what drives us to create and develop vehicles that customers can continue to love.”

The Love scores were calculated using The Edwards Commitment Scale to measure customers’ reactions in the categories of commitment, overall satisfaction, total top emotional responses, proposed repurchase loyalty, and actual repurchase loyalty—and these seven Chrysler vehicles scored well across the board. Come in to Moore Chrysler Jeep today to check them out!

2014 Jeep Cherokee Wins Drivers’ Choice Award for Best Small Utility

Last week at the Chicago Auto Show, MotorWeek (TV’s original automotive magazine) presented the Chevy Corvette Stingray with the overall Drivers’ Choice Award, but Chrysler fared quite well in specific segments. While the 2014 Ram 1500 won the Drivers’ Choice Best Pickup Truck for the second consecutive year, we at Moore Chrysler Jeep are most excited to see industry newcomer, the 2014 Jeep Cherokee, claim the top spot in the Best Small Utility segment.

The host and creator of MotorWeek, John Davis, had nothing but great things to say about the Cherokee, calling it the “best Cherokee yet.” He went on, “Hugs the road like a car and slings mud like a true truck. Really an awesome on and off-road utility that fully lives up to the Cherokee name.”

Earning recognition from MotorWeek is extremely important to automakers; the program has been judging cars and trucks for the last 33 years, giving its judges the experience necessary to accurately choose the vehicles most appealing to buyers in terms of dependability, innovation, and overall value.


“MotorWeek is a well-established source of information for consumers and we’re thrilled to accept their Drivers’ Choice Award for both the Ram 1500 and our all-new Jeep Cherokee,” commented Reid Bigland, Head of U.S. Sales, Chrysler Group LLC. “These awards were earned in two of the most competitive segments in the automotive industry. Third party recognition from MotorWeek affirms the hard work and commitment of Ram and Jeep employees to deliver great products.”

The episode featuring all the segment winners has already aired on PBS, but if you subscribe to Discover’s Velocity Network, you’re in luck! You can check out MotorWeek’s new episode on February 18th.